Saturday, March 28, 2009

Relay For Life 2009

I did Relay For Life this year on the Elementary team, and I stayed from 6PM to 6AM. I was lots of fun. I was so tired today, so I spent most of the day sleeping!!!

"Under Arrest"
Waiting to be "booked"Waiting for my "1 phone call" (the girls are bringing me my cell phone)Waiting for "bail money"

These girls bobbed for apple for 10 minutes, it was funny to see how many times they would go under water for an apple they were not going to eat!!Got one!!It snowed most of the night, so here is my car around 2AM.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Let's End Spring Break With A BANG!!!

Today was the perfect day for flying kites. So, the three of us went out and did just that. It was a lot of fun.
Rachel and I flew them,

Lance and Rachel flew them,Rachel even flew 2 at one time.I got mine stuck in the tree, and my man got it out for me. We only lost half of one tail.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Coaching Begins

Lance and Rachel went outside to shoot some baskets. She even made a few!

Friday, March 20, 2009

More Gardening

Lance tried out the trench method with his garden, and boy Rachel was really into the watering too. He decided that he really didn't like that way of watering, but it was fun to watch the water run through the garden.

Cupcake Surprises

The last thing we did that Thursday was to make chocolate cupcakes with surprise kisses in them. I got the recipe in my magazine, and I thought it would be a fun project with Rachel. It was fun.

I had some football stuff to decorate them with. She loved cooking with me.
Taking the candy out of the wrappers.Adding the surprisesThe finished product

Gardening With Daddy

Yesterday after Lance tilled the garden, he and Rachel proceeded to plant the garden. It was so fun to watch them together. This is their summer project. Click HERE to watch the video!!
Putting rabbit poop (disguised in a rabbit chow bag)on the gardenDigging for the tomatoesPlanting the corn Patting down the dirt. "To keep the seeds warm"

More Spring Break Fun?

Lance & Rachel were out gardening yesterday, so Rachel took a break and we made a pine cone bird feeder. She loves to watch the birds, so we wanted a feeder for the front yard!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Last Stop Nana's House

After all the fun for the day we went to have dinner at Nana's. Little did we know that the fun wouldn't stop at the park. The kids had a blast there too.


Playing in the dirty for Nana's garden.

Playing in the dirt pile

On To The Park

After Jump X-treme, we headed to "Chick-ul-a" to eat and play a little more there. They surely had not had enough play time, so they need more in the play room. When Lance had enough of the CRAZY kids parents were letting in there, we headed off for some shopping and then to the park. They had a blast there too.

Drew Lance and Rachel talking on the "phones" across the playground!

Nana and Lance pushing the kids in the swings!

Bounce Heaven

Wednesday we decided to put Spring Break in full swing and spend a day out. We took Rachel to Jump X-treme in Weatherford and played there for a while. We met Ashley, Drew, and Nana there. It was a BLAST!!!! I played on everything! I just might have had more fun that Rachel. Seeing as we are having Rachel's party there, I wanted to test everything out. HAHA!!! Here are some pics to prove we did have SOME fun on Spring Break!

Our little Boxer

I love their faces. Every picture of them coming down the slide there are the same faces on both of them!

We got away with only 1 vinyl (sp?) burn!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I hope everyone had a great day. No pinching here. We made sure we had the green one. I went grocery shopping with Amber and I was so feeling the calling to pinch everyone who was not wearing green. I didn't, seeing as I did not want to go to jail for assaulting everyone in Walmart!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Lance and I have decided that we have WAY too much crap to have in our wonderful house. We have the greatest house and it is so cluttered. For Spring Break I have vowed to clean every room one by one to get ready for the annual garage sale. (I have had one every year since we began coaching!)

I did the office/guest room/JUNK room today. It was BY FAR the biggest undertaking in the house. It still had all my scrapbooking stuff from February sat in it. I had not put it all away. It had gotten to the point that I just ignored it. So that was my project for the day.

It was the hardest room, and I wanted to go through it first so the rest of the week would be a breeze. I DID IT!!!!

I really wish I had done a before picture so you could see how bad it really was. It only took me 6 hours to go through everything and organize it. So, now it is done and if anyone wants to come over and see my "Junk Room", they can and I will not even be embarrassed!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My New Project

Today Kim, Ashley, and Drew brought Rachel home. She stayed with Nana last night. We were talking about the new rave of Project 365. Kim has been doing it, and likes it. I really think it will be fun. So, I am starting a new blog for my Project. I am really excited. You know I am a bandwagon type of person. I am going to jump on this one. I love blogging, so this way I have no choice but to do it everyday. So, here is the address.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

A not so sad "Good-bye"

Seven years ago tomorrow, one of our wonderful wedding guests gave us this coffee pot to go with our kitchen. It has been a trooper for the last 7 years. This year I asked for a new one. Not because it stopped working but because of THIS. The warming plate was almost completely rusted. It still works great, but this part was bothering me, and I just wanted a new one.
Lance came in tonight with this!!!
Now I can make coffee in the morning in my new anniversary coffee pot!! WOO HOO!!!
Can't wait to make coffee in it!!!
"GOOD-BYE" old coffee pot, and "HELLO" new one.