Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The lighting of the house

Rachel helping Daddy

"I can't hear you MOM"

On the roof

Finally finished

Ok, so usually Lance is totally against putting up Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving. But this year, he wanted to put lights on the house for the first time. So, he got Rachel and I all excited and we went to get lights. We had to have light up snowflakes too. They got almost all the lights up, and we ran out and needed one more. So, with it being Sunday, Fred's (Jacksboro's Walmart) was closed and we had to take a break. I got one more box Monday, but Lance had a game and so we had to wait until today. I was cleaning the house so I told Lance when he was ready to get on the roof to call me and I would come watch Rachel so he could finish. WELL, I came out to check on them and THEY WERE BOTH ON THE ROOF!!! OK, if you know me, I FREAKED. I am a paranoid mother and just knew she would fall off. I gasped and just kept repeating "Please hold onto her." So, I did manage to get my camera to take pics. Everyone got down safely, and the snowflakes are placed and now we are ready for the tree when we get back from San Antonio. Hope you enjoy the pics!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Coaches Kid

I forgot to post this too, but I am just amazed at what Rachel does. She loved to just sing songs while she is doing things. I am not surprised, since while I was growing up we were always singing things. If someone said a word that triggered a song, well, we would burst out in song. Now I am not a singer by any means, but it is still a habit. So, anyway, back to the point. Rachel has lately been singing the Tiger fight song as her favorite. I was laying with her to take a nap, and she was turned away from me and I hear "Go Purple, Go White, Go Tigers, Fight, Fight, Fight," followed by the tune of the song. It was so cute. I just thought only a coaches kid would even think to sing that song. It just gives me pride to know that she is proud of her daddy and her tigers.

Bangs vs Cisco

We decided to go to Breckenridge last night and watch Bang vs. Cisco. It was neat to see the people we used to coach with. Bangs lost, but the boys were really happy to see him. Rachel really enjoyed the game. She sat on Lance's knee and he was teaching her the game. It was really cute. He was telling her that her had to pass the two orange sticks. Cisco made a long touchdown and she looked at him and said "Daddy, they passed the sticks!" She had also decided not to take a nap that afternoon, so she actually fell asleep in the 4th Quarter. I was SHOCKED!!! I am posting pics. There are not many times you get pictures of Lance with us at a football game. Here they are!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Well, I am going to start a blog, I have somewhat become addicted to others and I really want to do it. Just by reading other's blogs, I think our life is pretty boring, but that is my warning. I don't have a ton of exciting things to talk about, but I want to blog, and maybe, just maybe someone will enjoy reading it!! We shall see.