Monday, May 11, 2009

"Mittens" The Cat & "Boogie" The Dog

We went to Build-A-Bear first and made a cat to got with her dog "Boogie", who's name has mysteriously changed to Bolt (Surprise, surprise). She wanted a black cat with white paws to name "Mittens", but this is all they had, and despite that, she loves her anyway.She put a heart, kissed by her, in it, and then they asked me to put one it too. I thought that was SO sweet that she has a little of both our hearts in her.Then they told her to give her a bath to get her nice and clean. This part was so fun for her.She even got her teeth brushed.After the Dr. we went back to the mall to get "Boogie" (Bolt?) a shirt to go with the swim trunks we got him, and both the animals got to go in. Rachel decided that "Boogie" needed a bath too since "Mittens" already had one. So, he got all cleaned up,And got his teeth brushed.

I really enjoyed doing this with her. It was so much fun. The people working there were SO kid friendly. When we went back with both animals, they were so happy and asked her it she had brought her friends in for a visit. I loved it. I want to go back SOON!!!

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